Thursday, August 1, 2013

Busy, Busy!

I have been so busy .... but haven't we all!  Where has this summer gone! Today is the first day of August!  Yikes! Twenty eight years ago today I was giving birth to my one and only favorite son Adam. Time does fly.

Happy Birthday Adam!

I came out with a new pattern - Dragonfly.  I used blue batiks on the top one.  I was so excited to use batiks.  They are so wonderful to work with.  You can choose your favorite color and make your own dragonfly quilt in batiks or become really adventurous and make it like a rainbow in colorful batiks.  The bottom one I went back to my colorful stash of fabric.  It hardly made a dent in my stash because it hardly takes any fabric.  You can easily make this from fat eighths or fat quarters. Start collecting now because this is a super easy quilt.  I wanted to make a simple design and have fabulous quilting in the background.  My friend and quilter Rosie delivered.  The quilting is beautiful!   She quilted a dragonfly in each of the plain blocks and put them in the border too.

Comment on one thing that you liked about this summer and enter to win a free dragonfly pattern.  We will notify the winner next Monday.

Take Care!  Amy


  1. Happy Birthday Adam!
    I love your dragonfly pattern!
    Here in the UK it's been uncharacteristically hot!! and there is lots of fruit around! We've had strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb, gooseberries, blackcurrants and lots of plums and apples to come!

  2. This summer, I have loved playing on the beach with my little granddaughters and seeing what treasures we can find: rocks, shells, driftwood! Just adore the dragonfly pattern! And happy birthday to Adam as well--happy memories to Amy!

  3. Lovely pattern and love the quilted features carried thru the piece. This summer has been more time with my every growing grandsons and celebrating their birthday's too.

  4. Unlike the U.K. it has been bearable here in the southern U.S. so I've been able to spend some more time out and about! We have huge dragonflies here that blue and almost shine...just like your batik ones!

  5. Beautiful pattern and happy birthday to your son! I am thankful for time to spend with my husband on the river this year as he has finally completed working on his dad's fishing boat.

  6. Very cute new pattern - as always! I like that this summer in Florida - hasn't seemed too hot to me! And, I like that I found time to sew almost every day!

  7. It's been a cool and rainy summer here. The best thing has been cuddle time with the new grandson. They don't stay babies very long.