Thursday, April 11, 2013

Quilt Show Photos - Kaw Valley Quilt Guild

My Quilt Guild the Kaw Valley Quilters here in Lawrence Kansas put on their annual quilt show this past weekend.  I haven't put quilts in the show for years because I am always getting ready for market.  I put in six quilts.  Whoopee!  We are not attending market this year because of the birth of my daughters Ashley's twins also this last weekend.  With all the excitement I barely had time to see the quilt show.  I took a sampling of quilt photos quickly.  I want to apologize ahead of time for the photography.  In my haste to see the show I didn't square up the quilts in my viewfinder very well.  I couldn't get back far enough to take the photo on some of the quilts because I was bumping into another quilt rack.  So here goes.....enjoy!

Georgann Eglinski was our featured Quilter

Barbara Brackman is in our guild.  Super Cool huh!

Close up of the machine quilting.

Close up of signature quilt

One of my six that I took.

That is all!  Of course there were so many more but I tried to give you a quick overview of the quality of quilters that I have in my guild.  The talent in this guild is AMAZING!

Have a great week!  Amy


  1. wonderful quilts - and congratulations on your new grandbabies!

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