Friday, October 5, 2012

Thankful This Week!

Mom wanted to get knee surgery.  Her doctor prescribed all these tests to make sure she was healthy for the surgery.  Will those tests showed that she should see a cardiologist.  The cardiologist prescribed another test this last Monday.  It showed she had three blocked arteries and one was 99%.  The next day she had quadruple bypass surgery.  Two days after that she was up walking.  Modern medicine is wonderful!  I can't even think what might of happened if this wasn't caught.  I am so glad for all the preventive tests that these two doctors performed.  My Mom is doing well and she should have so much more energy.

My Mom is sad though that she will miss Market in three weeks because she has gone to every market except one in the last 10 years.  My daughter Ashley, Mom and I have so much fun gabbing all the way to Houston and back.  Yes, we can talk for 12 hours straight. That is our drive from Lawrence to Houston.  I believe there will be many cell phone calls to Mom!


  1. So glad Mom is okay. You will have to take a special treat back to her when you go to Houston.

  2. Wow,your mom was lucky they caught that!! Much better to have her recovering and talking by phone than a heart attack there :( Thank God for blessings! Hope she is doing well.

  3. It's great that doctors do all these tests. I know you are all happy that her surgery is done and all is well. I wish you much success at market this year. Just think how much more energy your Mom will have after a month of recovery. She will be ready to help when you get home from market. Sheila Fernkopf