Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall Market 2011

We are back from Market. This is the 8th year for 3 generations to go to Fall Market in Houston. The 9th for Mom and I. The first year my daughter Ashley was ready to go and she said "lets get some book tapes for the long drive". I told her that Mom and I just talk for the 12 hour drive. She could not believe that we talked the entire 12 hours! Now that she has made 8 of these trips she realizes the fun that we have just talking and laughing from Lawrence, Kansas to Houston Texas. I am not sure anyone else would enjoy our conversations but we do.

This year we took more furniture than usual. I can't believe we got all of this in my husbands truck with the topper. Below is a photo of the left side of our booth. I took my new wall hanging design " One Little, Two Little, Three Little Quilters" to get framed and matted in yellow. It is in a white frame and over my white table.

Here is what just the quilt looks like close up.

Below is a photo of the right side of my booth. I put up a cutting table which proved to be wonderful storage area behind the curtains. I designed a dog shelf that my Dad built for me and it is on one end of the cutting table. I love that my Dad is so handy and does such a great job. See how my whole family helps me out!

On the door is my new design "Ms Moody 2 Shoes". Remember the mood rings that we wore in the 70's? One of these quilts posted on your sewing room door will let your friends and family know your mood. I also made the design into a reversible pillow and into an apron. I had a quilter say she would have to change the quilt mid-day because she always starts out nice but ends up grumpy.

Here is my daughter Ashley and I being silly.

Below is another one of my new designs. "Stitch a little, talk a lot"

I collect pincushions so I decided I needed to design one. I had so much fun coming up with this one.

I hope you like all the new designs. I can't wait now to start on new ones!


  1. What a great booth - and I laughed louder with each new project! But the '3 littles' remind me of our elder group sew-in and the show and tell - with one miss direction!! Love it!!

  2. Love the new designs...and your booth looks great! Well done...

  3. Amy, your booth was so bright, colorful, and like a breath of sunshine. Folks must have loved your booth and your designs. Your pin cushion is definitely the cutest I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Your booth is just awesome....love all the designs...and it is so nice to share it with the generations....something for your daughter to look back on and have sweet memories.

  5. Me encantan tus diseños, son divertidos y geniales. Y felicidades por haber podido compartir con tu madre y tu hija estos momentos de feria. Ahora a descansar y despues a seguir creando. Saludos desde España.

  6. Too too cute! I just love them :)

  7. OMGOSH! Amy...your new designs are so laughing-cute! And, the titles of the pattterns just make the patterns even CUTE-er!

    You are so lucky to have the 3 generations to enjoy...travel and other such fun stuff. =D