Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yesterday my iron of 5 years started to make sounds like my Rice Krispies ... snap, crackle and pop and it was gone. It's has been a good iron and survived numerous falls off my ironing board. I told my husband John that I needed to go out and buy a new one.

He suggested that I just take my small iron collection and put them on the sidewalk. It registered 113 degrees on our outside thermometer when he said that. I think I would need a oven mitt to remove them. When I look at these irons I just think how spoiled I am compared to the women that had to use these. Amazing!

I now have bought a new iron for $19.00. Since I do mostly fusible web I can't be without one. Nothing fancy for me I am too hard on them to buy anything expensive.

Today we have a cool front coming through. It is only supposed to be 92 degrees! I say stay inside and sew, sew sew!!!!


  1. I love the photo of the antique iron collection! We do have it a lot easier than those of long ago generations....and I presume the Amish, who probably still iron this way. Finding an iron that will last long these days is not an easy task.

    As for putting the others out on the sidewalk when it's 113 outside, you would have to stay outside to keep it heated. lol It's like walking into a blast furnace when it's that hot. It's like that for several months every summer where I live, so I "feel your pain".

  2. I have several old irons, too (family dundries I kept)- they just amaze me! But I prefer today's irons thank you and I am the same - cheap iron and they have served me well.

  3. I think the cheap ones last as long as the expensive ones anyway. Love all of the old irons!!!

  4. Oh yes.. it is day 33 in a row of temps in the triple digits.. rediculous!!!

  5. Wow! It's only 105 here in south Texas! That's awful!
    I bought a new iron just a month ago. The iron I had still works, but there is a short in the cord and it got to where I had to jiggle it to make it work. I got it 41 years ago as a wedding gift!

  6. Silly Man!! Gosh you really have the heat there! Love your blog...what fun you have. Life without an iron?....I don't think so, although all those years ago when I had to help with the ironing before I was allowed to go swimming, who would have ever thought I would end up needing and loving mine! LOL!!!