Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I just made the most delicious new recipe and it was so EASY!

This recipe was super easy because you do it all in the crock dear electric friend. I would rather sew then cook so I love recipes like this. I shredded the beef while it was warm and had it open face on bread for a hot roast beef sandwich. This is one of my favorite sandwiches. It made a lot of gravy and it tasted like Moms! What can be wrong with that. You can even start the rice cooker or serve it with mashed potatoes for the true mom effect. Next time I will use low sodium beef broth because I thought it was a little on the salty side. I will be serving this at the next Bradley get together and I will have two crock pots going of this recipe. Delicious! I hope you all like it!

Roast Beef and Gravy

1 boneless beef chuck roast ( 3 lbs.)
2 cans condensed cream of mushroom soup, undiluted
1/3 cup sherry or beef broth - (I will use low sodium next time.)
1 envelope onion soup mix

1. Cut roast in half; place in a 3 qt. slow cooker. In a large bowl, combine remaining ingredients; pour over roast.

2. Cover and cook on low for 8-9 hours or until meat is tender.

yield: 8-10 servings
prep: 15 minutes
cook: 8 hours


  1. This sounds really tasty...and yep, easy too. It would be a great way to get a roast and not have to heat up the house while using an oven...I'm wondering if I could use a larger pot and add some veggies?


  2. This is my standby recipe. I make it about twice a month. It is wonderful!!! I've never shredded it though. I'll have to try that. I also love using my crock pot so I have more time to sew! I often add potatoes and sometimes carrots to this, by the way, and it works fine.

  3. I'm "cooking challenged", so I love recipes that are easy and let me spend less time in the kitchen...especially on days like today when the temps have reached 117 degrees. Yup...I didn't stutter. It's 117 today. I've not used my crockpot extensively before, but have started looking for great recipes for it, and want to thank you for posting this one! Thanks!! My sewing will get more attention now and that makes me even happier. lol